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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i am not a big fan of the rolling stones. they have done some stuff i like,  like the beatles i can quite happily pass on hearing their music.
to many keith richards is most famous for being the inspiration behind johnny depp's portrayal of captain jack in the 'pirates of the carribean" movies (how wrong people are - they have never met my old boss, if captain jack is a homage to anyone it was to him). keith has released his biography, and a big book it is too (at least he has a fair few years under his belt to talk about, unlike so many of the celeb biogs that infest the shelves of shops at this time of year). from what the reviews have said it seems to be very laddish: drugs i did, birds i shagged and how i don't like mick. (sorry have i ruined it for you?)

i noticed the other that there is an audio version of the book out (cripes just how long do audio books go on for? days it seems). naturally it is read by johnny depp.
now i haven't been able to stop wondering if he does it in his capt'n jack voice.
i hope he is.
not that i am ever going to listen to it.

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