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Sunday, September 30, 2007


thatcher goes for tea at the browns.
tebbit disowns you.
what are you going to do?
call on arnie, not quite as good as getting clinton to come and give a speech, but for the tories it is not too bad.
arnie is tough. arnie is hard.
cameron wants to be tough. cameron wants to be hard.

so expect to hear about being tough on crime, tougher on immigration. expect to hear about much better public services but lower tax bills. talk of equality of choices, but not equality of chances.

cameron, like arnie, is playing on the old riff of "l'll be back".
sadly for him we will all be telling him "hasta la vista baby".

Sunday, September 16, 2007


it was open house day this weekend (which i guess means it was really open house days... but hey who wants to be a pedant).
i went to the first one several years ago. not been since as all the places i wanted to visit and see the insides of were so popular you just never got a look in.
today while i was out and about looking at art i managed to get a look inside one of the churches that was open for the day. it was an impressive building while being plain, but then you are in there to worship (well not if you dawkins or hitchens). as i looked around and drank in the atmosphere i got myself into a little spot of bother.
i am not sure if i have told you this but i have a thing for japanese women. have no idea why but they put lead in my pencil (as they say).
there she was a nice japanese woman strolling around the place. we breifly talked. i had several impure thoughts.
so that has added a few more years in purgatory for me.
st paul has written in the big book "rude thoughts in the house of the lord" against my name.
but she was pretty.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


and here are some more....

a mistake in photoshop and i get the above and i quite liked it. so there you go. there is magic in the mayhem.


here are some misc pics. enjoy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


there is magic in the night, which is much better than andrew lloyd webber’s music of the night, but even so i want to know what in the name of all that stan and jack did am i doing still awake at gone 3am in the morning.
the streets are quiet. the kebab shop is busy selling smokes, beers and the occasional kebab. it always seems to be on the go, even with the all night mcdonalds just down the road from it.

but right now i need to sleep. i am getting up soon (well that is the plan), so you can colour me green and call me lime but i am pretty shocked to still be up this time of night.

no wonder i am late for work every day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


commonsense seems to dictate that man’s (in the generic non-sexist way – which means you girls get to cop your share of the blame as well) actions are changing the environment.
i am no climatologist, nor am i the world’s most observant person, but even i have noticed that the good old english weather is no longer what it was a few years ago.

green issues have gone from being the province of the tree hugging weird beards to one of key battlegrounds for competing political parties. in the uk david cameron’s conservative party seem to have stolen a march on gordon brown and new (can we still call them that?) labour.

given that i have admitted that i am a virtual imbecile (hey this is the web – it is almost obligatory) when it comes to the science of climate change how can i make a decision. i know you are asking this question of me, i can see you sitting there a furrowed brow, maybe a tongue sticking out in concentration. well dear reader i will give you my answer.
it seems to me that there is no harm in proceeding as if we are harming the environment and so act accordingly. less energy consumption? shouldn’t be a problem i should never be that lazy that i can’t hit the off switch rather than the standby switch. less package? about time who needs all those layers just to get to what you want?
do i care if governments have to intervene to make sure some of this happens? not really we can see that the market isn’t going to do it – after all most of the packaging comes from the big supermarkets. nor is it likely that manufacturers are going to do anything to improve energy consumption unless they are compelled to.

but i suppose my one abiding reason for believing that the impact of humanity is the major contributing factor to climate change is the people who are against it. today i read a piece by richard littlejohn in which he not only had a go at politicians for liking the sound of their own voices (mmm mr littlejohn pot and fat kettle i think..) he managed to have david cameron and gordon brown teaming-up in a new round of class war against the middle classes. cameron and his toff’s trying to make sure the middle englander stays in his place, while gordon brown was leading the charge of workers enraged by envy at the middle class and their consumption of things.

after reading the wonderful words of littlejohn i was convinced climate change is a bad thing and we are responsible for it.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


so i have had a few weeks to recharge the old (and i am getting old) batteries.
luckily stuff at work has meant that i am still a cynical thing.
the usual stuff will be dealt with, but luckily i have missed all the bollock about di and amy, consider yourself lucky you haven't had to read me rant about that stuff.

anyway sleep easy i am back.
all is well in the world.