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Friday, April 28, 2006


the view people have about politics have changed over the last couple of decades. during that period of time i think that people entering politics have become more cynical in their reasons for pursuing such a career.
there is an old saw about not trusting anyone who seeks power, i am sure there is a lot of truth in it. equally i am sure that many many people have become politicians for the correct reasons, because they have seen that there is a need to change society and to make it a better place. this i believe holds true of all the parties. what is different is the vision of what make a better society.
if you were to ask the average person in the street why politicians choose the career path they are on most would probably say they were doing it to line their own pockets. whether it was in terms of just abusing the expense claims, whether it was making sure that they had outside interests that benefited them or just good old fashioned bribery. all with their eyes on making sure they could land themselves a well paying boardroom position or role in an ngo when they quit.
again i think that cycnical view of poloticians holds true across all parties.

ask again and i think you will find the view is changing and the more cycnical would point to one of the recently unheard of perks of being an mp. sex. it seems that are all at. they can't keep their mind on their breifs and can't keep their peckers in their pants (now admit it you thought that was clever didn't yoiu!)
now it does seem that power is an aphrodisiac because it appears some mps can't get enough. what is worse it seems like it is the ugly and plain mps who get the women. david mellor, john major, david blunkett to name a few, now there is john prescott.

you would have thought being deputy prime minister and having two jags would have been enough. evidently no.

so sign me up i want to be an mp. sod wanting to change the world, i think it is the only way i am ever going to get a shag.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


not that i have been overly influenced by going to see too much pretentious art wank combined with seeing too much religious based paintings recently, but this little smattering of pictures could be seen as having religious overtones.
very obvious i know, but if i was any good at this i would be rich.


saw this and thought: "yeah i know where you are coming from..."
walking around the east end i can see some interesting images, sometimes i manage to do them justice other times not.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


you just have to admire david cameron.
no really you do.

today he said: "The BNP is a party that thrives on hatred, that wants to set one race against another."

no arguement there.
but you just wish he would look at his own party and his own supporters when he said such things.

oh perhaps that is why he is having a pop at the bnp, because it is likely that they will get votes from the conservatives as well as new labour in the forthcoming local elections.

though this quote form the bnp "This proves, really, that the BNP is the only opposition party in this country.." shows that they are as in touch with the real world in the same way that respect anf gorgeous george galloway are.

politics - you just have to love it.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


happy birthday old girl.


there are times when you see a story that just makes your jaw drop. i suspect that as the world cup and the olympics draw closer there will be more and more of sports oriented stories that will make me go: "what the fuck..."

recently it was the hoohah over wayne rooney have a bit of gambling bill to pay. a story that had the unctuous ex-tory mp, user of prostitutes and chelsea fan, david mellor, suggest that because there was no legal contract between rooney and the guy who arranged the bet that rooney should just refuse to pay. so mellor's advice is just to break your word, to welch on the deal mind you as this came in an article that basically accused most of the young, very rich, footballers as being gormless imbeciles it really shouldn't have come as a surprise....

and now it is the joy of seeing manchester united, one of the richest foorball clubs in the world. a football club that pays many of it's players more than £50,000 a week, getting a lottery grant of £30,000.
now why does manchester united, a privately owned football club need £30,000? well it is to help get their staff fitter.
"This is all about getting staff in sedentary jobs active and getting them to take fewer days off sick."
now it may just be me - but surely lottery money (which isn't being paid to me in a huge winning jackpot) should be going to companies, organisations, clubs and associations who need the money and not to people who have more than enough money to deal with their staff?

and what are they going to do with the money? help a number of it's staff get fitter. a worthy goal to be sure. but as manchester united are a sports club they more than lilely already have sports equipment on site that the staff can use, so why do they need money for any scheme? it is more than likely that man u are in a position where they can get cheap gym membership for their staff.
more importantly if an individual wants to be fitter and healthier they can join a gym themselves. given that there is going to be an element of taking a horse to water but you can make it drink type scenario here (and i speak from experience of starting gym membership and then not going) i hope that there is a reporting mechanism to make sure that the lottery is getting value for money.

john leech (a liberal democrat mp) has said the money should have been used to get those people who can't afford a gym membership into gyms. and i have to say i totally agree with him.

all in all an own goal by the lottery.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


there are occassional turning points in your life where everything changes. sometimes you only realise these defining moments after the event.
two such moments for me were as follows. the night i realised that i was never going to be a serious academic. i was writing a paper to give to my theory class during my first attempt at a masters degree. the paper was all about the transition from feudalism to capitalism. given the amount of sense i was writing it might as well have been the joys of ants and ice cream. i read and wrote into the early hours of the morning. making loads of coffee while listening to radio 2. i was workign in a cramped kitchen and all i really wanted to do was go cuddle up next to the lady in my life and go to sleep.
the paper was a disaster and my toes curl to think of it now.
playing on radio 2 that night was andrew lloyd weber's phanton of the opera "i am the music of the night". if the song was played once it was played 50 times in the night. it scarred me.
i failed that masters.

a few years later and i am on a train going to visit my good lady who was now doing her masters in coventry. i had a bad feeling about this trip. i almost didn't go. my journey up there was accompanied by a bloke with his (then new fangled and expensive)personal cd player who was playing ... you guessed it andrew lloyd weber's phantom of the opera. he managed to play it three times on the journey. it was not loud enough to complain about, but loud enough to irritate and lodge itself in my mind.
i was traumatised by it.
that weekend my lovely lady told me to take a hike (thanks annemarie). if i had woody allen's money i would still be in therapy.

failed masters and there is lloyd weber.
failed romance and there is lloyd weber.
like some bad luck stink.

even his working with the great jim steinman has not quite saved him in my eyes, no matter what (now going on admit it you are in admiration of that...) he does lloyd weber is always going to be associated with some serious failures in my life. (my pal paul would just simple say he is a dull and boring composer...)

so what are you trying to tell us here pat?

well in yesteraday's independent (and i wish i could link you to it, but the indie wants you to pay ....) dominic lawson had a column. hold on did you say dominic lawson, brother of the arch tory nigel lawson? yes i did say dominic lawson. i think it is part of the independent so how ...well .. independent they are, what a beacon of free speech they are yadda yadda.
so far the columns of his i have read have just made my blood boil as he comes across as a jumped up shite who seems smug in the fact that he hasn't done too badly out of the mess the tories left this country in and now he can snipe at new labour for not doing the job it should be doing ie looking after the workers and not pandering to middle england.

but to give him his due he sometimes points out that actually all was not rosey under the tories.

he was talking about the current honours for cash scandal, and pointed out that the then tory government did the same, that the leadership (if that is not too bold a word for it) of iain duncan smith did it and to an extent cameron is doing it.
the way the tories go about getting the money is is by getting loans from the rich party faithful, which are loaned at commerical rates, but once they have gotten the ermine and have their seat in the house of lords the loan is forgiven. and so the coffers of the tory part remain filled.

and now i must paraphrase dominic, because i can't copy it from the indie site and i can't be asked to type it all out.
apparently there is one one lender, who once he became a sir ignored the time honoured trradition of "forgiving" the loan and rather than follow the tradition of the has insisted that his loan was in fact just that: a loan. a loan that he expected to be paid back.

step forward that man and take a bow.
yes andrew lloyd weber you may no longer be the toast of the tory fundraiser - but for a few moments on my blog you are toasted.
so join me and raise a glass to andrew lloyd weber as he waits for his loan to be repaid.

but in case you think i am going soft - i still blame him from for my failing the masters degree and annemarie kicking me out. but i can't deny him a little bit of pat blog heaven.

Monday, April 17, 2006


some more of those walk about moments.


i may never vote for the liberal democrats.
but if there was ever a time when i might put my x in the lib dem box it would be now.
why? because of their policies, nope. because of their principled stance on iraq, hell no.

so tell us pat, why would you?
simply because of this: "At its core it is still right-wing and unpleasant." said menzies campbell when talking about the conservative party.

go get 'em menzies.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


well i have dan browne's the da vinci code and tonight i am going to read a huge chunk of it.
i was planning on typing a long piece about faith (apt at this time of year) but i am in a coffee shop and i have been distracted by at least one rather busty young pale skinned beauty and the music is a jazzed fueled avant garde punk concocction so not really conducive to me thinking and talking about the faith.
if you are lucky i might never get round to typing it up.
but then if you are not you may just get to read my ramblings.

at the moment it is a damp and somewhat slightly overcast evening, i am looking forward to getting back to the flat and ordering a very very large pizza.

sometimes life can be sweet.


some more pictures taken while i was out and about.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


while some in the bible belt of america are seeking signs of the second coming.
while others search for signs to validate the da vinci code.
still more pursue signs of the babylonian brotherhood.
i find the signs that show the world is pretty much as we expect it to be.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


marketing bollocks gets everywhere.
now the american armed forces have been caught up in it as they rebrand the war on terror (well it was never snappy and just how do you fight a concept that can be defined differently depending on where you stand..). additionally it looks like everyone is a bit sick and tired of the war on terror. so it is time to spruce it up and repackage it.
so with a bit of a drum roll and a rustle of curtains allow me to introduce you to the long war.
much snappier, it pretty much does what it says on the tin.

brigadier general mark kimmitt is the man behind what the usa military is calling the "principles of the Long War". this is all about a different type of war that america has been used to, they are talking about it lasting 20 years or more and will be a campaign that will spam the globe.
it is all about "nothing less than the defeat of al-Qaeda across the world and its associated movements strung together by extremist ideology." (of course once this is achieved then there will be some other terrorist threat that can be mobilised against, in a sense this is the start of a consant state of war and it starts now and will not end until... well actually there probably will be no end...)

apparently this new type of warfare will involve so called "soft power" such as diplomacy (mm we have seen how well that has worked with the french.... and lets be fair we in the uk just decided to stand by george w bush and what have we got for our troubles? mmm yeah fuck all. diplomacy in this instance will mean bi-lateral agreements that will only count for as long as they are useful, no kyoto, no international courts... just diplomacy that benefits the usa) finance (yup we'll finance that dictator this year and maybe next year we will go to war against them, just like we did with saddam and the taliban). other tools of this new war are going to be trade and technology.

colonel mark bibby points to the real problem of this "You've got to start somewhere. You have to plan ahead. You have to be driving in a particular direction. If we don't start driving now or soon we'll be behind the curve."
it's not about fighting terror per se, it is about establishing an american agenda that the rest of us follow.

the rebranding works in that it changes the tone and ideas of the war on terror not in any practical way but in an perceptual way. it is based on the idea that we don't know shit from shinola.

the next thing is that attacking iran will be billed as being a brand extension.
while taking the long war to south america could be seen as new product developement, to keep the marketing parlance.

but to remind people of another great saying and something that marketeers should bear in mind at all times "if it walks like a duck, smells like a duck and quacks like a duck - chances are it is a duck".

call it the war on terror, call it the long war, call it a neocon folly, nothing is going to change the fact that the world is a fundamentally more dangerous place than it used to be, and it is doubtful it will be getting safer any time soon...


bush says that america is not contemplating a nuclear strike on iran.
i feel safer already.
better stock up on bottles of water........

oddly there has been the recent publication of part of the gospel of judas. which posits that judas was not the betrayer as has beeb portrayed but a necessary part in jesus' assumption of the role saviour of mankind. (oddly tim rice also makes this point in the wonderful jesus christ superstar).
i now believe that bush sees himself in a role of bringing about armageddon and through this the second coming of the lord.

the born again christian funamentalists ae scary dudes.

Monday, April 10, 2006


the observer (april 9th edition) gave some hints as to what the report into the july 7th london bombings was going to be saying. in essence it seems to be saying that the bombings were planned based on information available on the internet, that it was done on a shoestring and that there was no direct support from al-qaeda.
in short it was a simple and inexpensive plot. described as 'The London attacks were a modest, simple affair by four seemingly normal men using the internet.'

according to the observer this will raise fresh concerns over the vulnerability of britain to attack by small, unsophisticated groups.
have to say this somewhat surprised me as i would have thought that these were the types of attacks that we would be most vulnerable to. at least with an organised terrorist organisation (such as the ira) there is the possibility of building up a knowledge base concerning the methods and the people and so be better placed to thwart them.
it is going to be so much hard to stop individuals who take it upon themselves to mount an attack.

in fact there is no way to be totally safe, unless we give up all our freedoms and even then there is no guarantee that if we do that we will be secure. while i do not think that the present government is overy authoritarian its desire to press ahead on something like id cards where there is no proof that it is a scheme that will work, also means that the populace have more reasons to distrust them when it comes to measures that are likely to work.

but given that the 7/7 bombers appeared to have an extreme interpretation of islam, but while also enjoying a westernised lifestyle there is no easy way to discover the potential perpertrators among us.
the fact that these bombers or terrorists are driven not only by secular matters but there is a large element of religous fervour in what inspires them points to the fact that perhaps to only way to protect against them is to win the hearts and minds of the community in which they live in order to stop them from ever being able to gain the support they need.

it is easier said than done.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


what is it about the right these days.
cameron is calling ukip members racist (as if all the conservative party are (and excuse the phrase) whiter than white on the subject .
(as a sidebar here yasmin alibhai-brown of the independent and of the standard – yeah i know very likely bedfellow – was going on about how cameron shouldn’t use the word racist in such a way, because in doing so it detracts from the power of the word and the seriousness of the allegations. you know i would agree with her if it wasn’t for the fact that so often the word is used by minority groups to prevent debate, and that it is easier to throw out the allegation than it is to defend against it…)

ironically for most people cameron is just stating the obvious – we all knew they were racist, so it wasn’t exactly news or a shock. in fact i know someone who thought he said they were all closet rapist – well it would have been news then!
but his comment does seem to have been the first foot that cameron has put wrong.

meanwhile on the slightly further far right the bnp have gotten themselves in the news because of the candidacy of sharif abdel gawad, whom the bnp describes as a "totally assimilated greek-armenian". members of the bnp’s rank and file are up in arms about this as they say that it should be an all white party, and they are not placated when they are told that sharif is not a pakistani muslim. others say he is just going to confuse the electorate as to what the bnp stands for.

in echoes of leaders such as blair and cameron, bnp spokesman phil edwards said those members who refused to accept the candidacy had no place in the party.
though quite what this means is not made clear: is this a move on the part of the bnp to be more inclusive, have they decided that there is there a time limit on how long you remain non british?
this follows an attempt by nick griffin to allow non-whites to join the bnp, an attempt that failed in the face of resistance from the party.

to add to it all sharif is so named because his mum had a crush on omar sharif, while he is here because (wait for it… wait for it…) his father was a refugee. you couldn’t make this stuff up.

this all comes at a time when the bnp are trying to field more candidates in the forthcoming local elections than ever before. oddly among one of their target areas is east london, which as we know has recently seen the election of one mp based on the appeal of race as an issue. step forward respect and george galloway.

(one labour candidate is taking the issue very seriously and is organizing school trips to auschwitz, which while is a noble idea limits to idea of racism to one moment in history and to one group. one has to wonder where he is getting the cash from to do this and also how big an impact is it going to have – how many kids will go? 100, 500, a thousand? hopefully they will be of voting age or it will be a waste of money.)

so we have cameron going on about a party being closet racists even though they share similar policies.
we have the bnp trying to be more inclusive.

has british politics gone mad?
nope there is boris getting into trouble again for having another mistress. it seems the more things change the more that they stay the same.


london is a great city; i think it is the best city in the world (but then i am biased). it is such a shame that such a poor newspaper as the evening standard serves such a wonderful city, admittedly there are a large number of local papers for the london area, but you would think that the capital city could have a decent paper.

anyway i don’t get the standard very often, and when i do i always find myself thinking i will never get it again, but i always do.
the evening standard (a bit like the independent) has a terrible website so i can’t direct you to this story, you’ll just have to trust me.
“he dunked my £700 gadget in a pint and i lashed out” screamed the headline.
warwick bergin, a yacht broker, saw red when larry power dunked his personal organiser in a pint of beer, warwick lunged for, punched, knock to the ground and then kicked larry power in the head.
this all took place in the clipper bar after a meeting of the tenants association of dolphin square (which if i read the report correctly was a council owned block of 1000 flats overlooking the thames that has just been sold to a usa consortium for £170 million which meant the tenants were also getting a multi-million pound payout). bergin was partly responsible for the tenants getting a windfall from the selling of the block to the consortium. bergin splits his time between the pimlico estate (now owned by americans) and his house in devon.
bergin is 55, power is 63 and 18 stone.

why am i even bothering to tell you all of this? you ask. lets look at it again. someone has not only punched someone but also kicked them when they are on the floor (and no doubt all while a little bit under the influence of drink). so what do you think that they got? what do you think they deserve for such actions?
or to put it another way what do you think they would have gotten if they had been youths? or if this had been over a mobile phone? or took place in a local pub?

do you think that they would have been let off? so you think they would have gotten a three-month suspended sentence, fined £200 and ordered to pay £55 costs? (the fine and the costs probably much less the cost of what it took to patch up larry power.)

if you are like me then you probably think the answer is no, and that the punishment would have been harsher. or if the sentence had been the same then the standard’s story would have been on of how we are easy on the criminal in this country.
the judge said she was sparing bergin a custodial sentence because of the “extremely irritating circumstances that led to the incident….” well glad to know that then.

looks like it is another one rule for the rich another for the poor situation.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


so there i am on myspace - it is fun.
and there are some interesting people on there. and as you know i am a friendly guy happy to chat to anyone about anything. well imagine my surprise when a i get a message from a gorgeous young girl. you could have knocked me down with a feather. actually it didn't take long to realise that this young lady was a front for something. blimey here comes a second girl to chat to me. mmm i must be wearing clic, can be the only explanation... or my photo makes me look so desperate it is not true,
so tonight on yahoo i have a long conversation with someone (it could be a he it could be a she) who seems to want to stay with me forever because they are looking for a soulmate - but actually wants my credit card details....

but for the life of me i can't quite work out how the scam is going to work as it seems i buy something and get it shipped to nigeria (mmm theres a clue) and that is it.
but ah wait a minute now the time they need the stuff is so quick i couldn't get it shipped to them, mmm so looks like it will come back to me giving them the details of my card. yeah right.

anyway enjoy a bit of it. i have been playing to see when they would tip their hand, but they haven't and i want to go to sleep.
thoguh quite why they chose the anme julian to go with the sexy photo is beyond me.,

julian_bliss: what can i do there?
patart692006: i thnk you can get t-shirts made up and offer them for sale
julian_bliss: i dont hav credit cards
julian_bliss: do u hav ?
patart692006: nope - they won't allow me to have one!!!
julian_bliss: who wont allow?
julian_bliss: hi
patart692006: the banks - i was a bit stuoud with cash a while back so i have had to get rid of my credit cards
patart692006: ooops
julian_bliss: so u mean trhe bank will not allow u use credit cards
patart692006: thats right
julian_bliss: but u hav it with u ?
julian_bliss: all the infor
patart692006: yes
patart692006: why
julian_bliss: ok
julian_bliss: send it to me then if it works i will tell u and if it does not i will tell u
julian_bliss: k
julian_bliss: i want to use it to buy the customise clothes

julian_bliss: well doing this may make me know u ore and promise never to leave u
patart692006: where do they have to go to
julian_bliss: afriac
julian_bliss: africa
julian_bliss: did u get all the names i send to u
patart692006: gott the name - where in africa?
julian_bliss: Nigeria
julian_bliss: write them out
julian_bliss: and show me if its correct
patart692006: i will just copy fro m here
julian_bliss: ok ....patrick
julian_bliss: why
patart692006: where in nigeria
julian_bliss: how many did i send to u
julian_bliss: lagos
julian_bliss: u gat that
patart692006: yup
patart692006: any particular place
julian_bliss: yeah
julian_bliss: u send it
julian_bliss: to a place
julian_bliss: are u asking for the address?
patart692006: yes
julian_bliss: patrick
julian_bliss: ok
julian_bliss: wait let me ask u know i dont know much abt here ok
julian_bliss: patrick
patart692006: ok
julian_bliss: hold on patrick
julian_bliss: ok
patart692006: yup holdiing
julian_bliss: getting it
patart692006: ok
julian_bliss: i cant get it seems i will ask them and send it to u later
julian_bliss: k
julian_bliss: patrick
patart692006: ok let me know
julian_bliss: b4 u hav it done i will hav send the address and the name that will collect it here i will send them to u
julian_bliss: ok...patrick
patart692006: yup
julian_bliss: so how long will it take
patart692006: won't know until tomorrow when i can ask them - maybe 2 weeks
julian_bliss: ohh My God
julian_bliss: 2 weeks
julian_bliss: then i will hav to buy it here but i dont hav any cash here else check
julian_bliss: and those checks can not be cash here that why
patart692006: oh i see
julian_bliss: u know what patrick....?
julian_bliss: cos i promise them that i will get it 4 them b4 i leave
julian_bliss: and a cutomise belt
julian_bliss: u knw that too
patart692006: a belt as well......
julian_bliss: yeah
julian_bliss: belt is not 4 all of them
julian_bliss: only 2 of them
julian_bliss: ok
patart692006: oh right - don't know where you would get such belts
julian_bliss: what
julian_bliss: u?
julian_bliss: and mp3
julian_bliss: u know it
patart692006: i know of mp3s - what does that have to do with belts ?
julian_bliss: yeah
julian_bliss: i need 2 mp3
julian_bliss: ok
julian_bliss: dont worry abt the belts

ah what can you say to all of that....
not sure what annoyed me the most that they thought i would fall for it or that it was done so badly.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


was out over the weekend. camera in hand.
this is one of the pictures i took. i really like it.
there are a few more like this and a few more from that series of photographs that will be appearing on here soon.


two tv aerials get married.
the wedding wasn't much cop.
but the reception was fantastic.

booom boooom


to be honest i have not really thought about this post (yeah yeah i know the others seem like so much planning has gone into them...)
but just recently there has been something wrong with politics in this country.
ignoring the hoo had over iraq, but to say that with iraq blair was very much a prime minister, in that he didn't rely of focus groups, he was doing what he believed in and he lead us in to the war. and perhaps is he has been a little more open with the electorate and if the americans had listened to him a little more we would be proclaiming him a hero rather than cursing his name, well not that i do, but well you know what i mean.

it seems tony blair made a terrible mistake when he said he would not be fighting the next general election.
in one fell swoop he took away a lot of his own authority within the new labour parliamentary party.
it has also meant that everything he says and does, every result or breaking news story is seen in the light of blair leaving office.

now blair has been in power since 1997 and perhaps it is too long for anyone person to be in charge (howard in austrailia has been in power longer and looks to be running again). no where more is this evidenced by the fact that new labour seem very keen to cause themselves irrepairable damage as they get accused of sleaze and more.
the current situation is very reminiscent of the last days of thatcher and of john major. when sleaze was the key thing.

couple this with the internal bickering that new labour seems very keen on indulging in and you have a situation where the party is tempting fate and may just implode.

here more than anywhere has new labour shown it has lost touch with theman in the street. this could be because they have been blined by power and money (as nick cohen has argued) or it could just be that being in power for so long makes you feel immune to the laws of the land you are supposed to governing.

yet what is the solution to this problem?
the maximum two terms that american presidents are allowed to run seems like the logical idea - but we only have to look at clinton and w. bush to see how their second terms have turned into being no more than lame duck presidencys. the first one is spent just getting yourself prepared to win the second one. the second term is there to create a legacy...

blair didn't need to say he was standing down, he could have fought a fourth term (and i suspect he would have won it) but he has chosen to stand down, but not say when. so increasingly he is looking like a lost cause as other ministers spin against him and he dillies and dallies about the date.
but all the more become less adn less in touch with populace and so allowing the recent disaster to upsstage new labour.
now the electorate can see that they are not there for the electorate - but their for their own power.

perhaps what we need is that each party can stay in power for as long as it can command the popular vote - but the electorate also get a chace to vote the leader out and vote in another representative of the governing party. so the party of the day can remain in power for as long as it can win the number of votes.
however the leader also has to put himself up for election as well.

not sure it would work - but it does seem that letting any party staying power for a length of time just leads to abuses taking place.

i shall have to think on this some more.

Monday, April 03, 2006


is it april already....
lordy how time flies, and it sure flies faster when you are older that is for sure.
so far april is off to a slow start - although i have already bought more stuff than i can watch, read or listen to, but then some things are never going to change.

not that there is anything special about april - but i do need to sit down and take stock (and given how much stuff i have i could do a stock take!) and make changes to my life (hey i have not been back to college to fail a degree in a while, maybe i should look into that....)

this month doesn't seem to be offering much up as things to do. it will be a month i do not go to new york, that much is certain. i might make this a month i go to paris and check out their galleries. it is also a month when i go to milton keynes (hey not much of a disparity there!) there is also a karlheinz stockhausen concert to go to. the mad german is an avant garde contemorary composer who has said some silly things about the 9/11 situation but he writes music to make your eyes bleed. so he is not all bad then!
there are trips to tate and tate britain to see their current shows (again again) and that is really it.

time might fly but i am still wasting it.