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Wednesday, October 01, 2014


it seems that i can officially begin my 'pissed off with christmas' phase now.

shops are talking about christmas.
papers have adverts for christmas.
restaurants and bars are now offering christmas packages.
articles about christmas finances and christmas food have sprung up.
it can’t be long now before the first ‘christmas has been cancelled in case it offends a few people on twitter’ stories appear.

and we are only just in october. 

alright i suppose i should come clean about it – it isn’t christmas i dislike it is the fuss and bother that springs up around it. for most people it isn’t about the religious festival it is about a forced bonhomie so that everyone can get right royally pissed and tell stories of the office party. now there is nowt wrong with wanting to get pissed or have an office party but for fucks sake do we have to plan it and hear about it for three months or more.

for retailers christmas is just a period of profit. the only ringing they want to hear is the bells of cash registers opening and closing: often. stuff bought that you would never normally buy but feel you have to because well it is that time of year.

christmas should be a time of joy and happiness – a time when you can relax reflect on the year just gone and get ready for the year ahead. instead it has increasingly become a time of conspicuous consumption, where joy and happiness can be measured in pence and pound.

so it isn’t christmas i dislike, it is all the commercialism and fake joviality that goes with it that turns me from mild mannered pat into full blown grinch.

my name is pat and i am a grinch.