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Friday, December 26, 2014


for various reasons i am not using my regular computer.
i made a mistake and got a chromebook, it isn't that the chromebook is bad, just that it doesn't do what i wanted it to do, and in fairness the chromebook never said it could do what i wanted it to do, more a case of me wanting not to spend a lot and not paying attention to the specs.
as i once learnt from a financial controller who loved a bargain and thought himself a tough negotiator: buy cheap buy twice

so here i am composing on a chromebook.
the thing that is annoying is trying to remember passwords and log-ins.
yes i could be organised about these things and have the ones i want there at my finger tips i thought i did. but oh no i haven't.
lots of looking through emails i have sent myself to find passwords and log-ins,
only to discover i have changed some passwords like they were going out of seasons, others i haven't kept, but have managed to save and secure all the details i would ever want to know about websites i had even forgotten that existed let alone every cared about going back to them.
or then you discover that a simple spelling mistake fucks everything up so badly you are up to your neck in deep cyberpooh. on a positive note i have potentially created an email site for assassins as i have told google my alternative email is on hitmail - that will work.

still the upshot of it all is that i have managed to track down the email login that this site is under (i had forgotten i needed to do that) and after several attempts i have managed to even find the right password for it.

so up and running.
who knows maybe this time i will keep it up. 


just a belated wish to one and all that they have (well now more a case of had) a merry christmas.
a further wish that the new year is better than the previous year and that hopes and dreams come true

merry christmas