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Friday, April 28, 2006


the view people have about politics have changed over the last couple of decades. during that period of time i think that people entering politics have become more cynical in their reasons for pursuing such a career.
there is an old saw about not trusting anyone who seeks power, i am sure there is a lot of truth in it. equally i am sure that many many people have become politicians for the correct reasons, because they have seen that there is a need to change society and to make it a better place. this i believe holds true of all the parties. what is different is the vision of what make a better society.
if you were to ask the average person in the street why politicians choose the career path they are on most would probably say they were doing it to line their own pockets. whether it was in terms of just abusing the expense claims, whether it was making sure that they had outside interests that benefited them or just good old fashioned bribery. all with their eyes on making sure they could land themselves a well paying boardroom position or role in an ngo when they quit.
again i think that cycnical view of poloticians holds true across all parties.

ask again and i think you will find the view is changing and the more cycnical would point to one of the recently unheard of perks of being an mp. sex. it seems that are all at. they can't keep their mind on their breifs and can't keep their peckers in their pants (now admit it you thought that was clever didn't yoiu!)
now it does seem that power is an aphrodisiac because it appears some mps can't get enough. what is worse it seems like it is the ugly and plain mps who get the women. david mellor, john major, david blunkett to name a few, now there is john prescott.

you would have thought being deputy prime minister and having two jags would have been enough. evidently no.

so sign me up i want to be an mp. sod wanting to change the world, i think it is the only way i am ever going to get a shag.

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Che-Jay said...

do you want to be the chief whip ?