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Sunday, April 23, 2006


you just have to admire david cameron.
no really you do.

today he said: "The BNP is a party that thrives on hatred, that wants to set one race against another."

no arguement there.
but you just wish he would look at his own party and his own supporters when he said such things.

oh perhaps that is why he is having a pop at the bnp, because it is likely that they will get votes from the conservatives as well as new labour in the forthcoming local elections.

though this quote form the bnp "This proves, really, that the BNP is the only opposition party in this country.." shows that they are as in touch with the real world in the same way that respect anf gorgeous george galloway are.

politics - you just have to love it.


Che-Jay said...

A lot of surveys say the BNP actually stand to gain seats come the next elections, what are you're thoughts on this?

pat said...

that would be democracy at work.
but on previous experience they will be out come the next election.