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Thursday, May 04, 2006


careful readers of this blog will know that i have a thing about litter louts.
simply put: i hate them.
i am the first to admit i am a messy person. my work area could best be described as a tip, while my flat does not bear thinking about by anyone sane. i truly exemplify CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome - well there is also the fact that i am a miserable git so i also don't invite people over, but that is another story).

imagine my delight at the story of the luton borough employee, the enforcement chief no less, has fined a driver for throwing out a cheest wotsit wrapper (ah and think of all the free publicity that brand now has!) out on to the street.

hear! hear! is all i can say.
about time.
more councils should do it.
one of the things i really noticed when i was in new york was that it was a clean city. several of the streets had cleaners that seemed to be partly funded by the local businesses. it seemed to make a difference.

but for me it was the tearful comment at the end of the story: "I'm always clearing up litter and always telling my children. I just feel so hard done by."
ah but mrs. buckland (for it is she) hadn't done it this time and the casual way she has thrown the rubbish from her private space into everyone's public space seems to indicate that she is a bit of a liar liar pants on fire.


ems said...

I didn't think it was a wrapper but a single cheesey wotsit. Litter's litter as far as I am concerned.

Che-Jay said...

My town is litter central