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Saturday, December 18, 2010


the post employment scenario that i am in means that i am flat broke, barely have a pot to piss in (to coin that lovely turn of phrase - though with my recently blockage issue that wasn't in much use either). christmas isn't really a time to be poor, christmas is a time to have lots of money and to spend it on stuff, mostly stuff you will never use again or care about. the important thing about christmas is spendin money on getting the stuff.
the big snowfall has affected the getting of the stuff. some shops have even cut their prices by 75% in order to make up for lost time. (whenever i see shops doing that it makes me wonder: "would you have sold more if you had the set the original price a little lower?"
not that it matters to me as i am avoiding most shops at the moment.
no money. no point.
though there is a part of me that is glad that i am brassic. why? i can hear you ask.
well i have never been very good with money to start with. i like to spend it. i once had a curious conversation with my, then, boss over my pay rise. i was complaining i wasn't getting a big enough raise, he was telling me that i shouldn't complain because if i got more money i would only spend it. it was logic i couldn't argue with. i nearly volunteered to work for free on the basis of it.
in a sense though he was right. have money: buy things. no money i make do with what i have.
a case in point would have been my most recent trip to waterstones (i was meeting a pal there), whenever i am in a bookshop i need to have a mouch around - within a few minutes i had seen at least 20 books i would have liked, and some i might even have read. no money. no books.
then there is sainsbury's - ah what a wonder sainsbury's is. i often stop by the stationery department and look at the pens, writing pads, diaries and such like (stationery is one of my least peculiar fetishes). no money. no pens.
yet it is really the toy section that gets my pulse racing. i like toys. i have far too many of them (no jay, not those sorts of toys). most of them are in boxes behind other boxes. sure there are a lot dotted around the flat for me to pick up and play with. so i will have a look at the toys. oooh look a new range of lego (now lego is one of those toys that shouts out luxury to me as i never owned lego i had the cheaper 'betta bilda' from airfix), oh wow they have hot wheels (a favourite of mine). then there are the wwe action figures. no money. no toys.
one thing i wouldn't be gettting (even if i had lots of cash spare) is the circular monopoly board. all i can ask is why? why? why? are the youth today just so taken in by needless change?

so there are times when i don' mind not having two pennies to rub together.
christmas is one of them.

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