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Monday, December 13, 2010


you have to love the tories.
no matter how hard they try to change public opinion of them, no matter how they try to put the image of the nasty party behind they are shot in the foot by one of their own.

step forward david shakespeare with his comment: “the north may replace the romanians in the cherry orchards.” rather than an off the cuff, got caught out in a dinner party type gaff, this was delivered at a local government association meeting that was discussing how local councils should deal with the lengthening dole queues.

a spokesman for the conservative party said that mr. shakespeare did not represent the views of the conservative party, but they were not going to discipline him. i am tempted to say that the spokesman meant to say "official views", while tapping his finger against his nose.

still i am sure that if mr. shakespeare had a moment or two to compose a follow up he would suggest that it would be good for those northerners just sitting around on the dole, feeling sorry for themselves, this fruit picking business not only gives them meaningful work (picking fruits for their betters) but it would also allow them to have a family holiday in the south (mr. shakespeare would be happy to turn a blind eye to child labour).
it would just like the good old days.

flat caps for everyone.
altogether now: doff.

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