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Monday, December 20, 2010


"saving the banks from ruin has beggared britain. it's time the debt was called in."
thus spake the daily mail's editorial for the 20th of december.
hold on? what is this? it is the fault of the banks? when did that happen?
i thought that the mail, along with the con/dems were keen on blaming the profligacy of the labour government for our current predicament. all thought that it might be a global financial crisis had been poo-poo'ed by the voices of cameron, osborne, clegg and cable (not that we can trust the words of liberals) whenever the deficit is mentioned it is all about how labour didn't save when the sun was shining (although labour would argue that they were busy repairing the holes in the roof that the previous tory government had left).
so it wasn't bad spending that caused the problems, but the banks and the measures that the labour government had to take in order to protect them.

still the con/dems propaganda has worked - everyone blames the labour government. even the financial services have forgotten the mess they got themselves into and so are about to be awarding themselves a nice bonus of some £5 billion. david and george, stand up and take a bow. job done. the boys in the city thank you.

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