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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


only a few days ago i was harping on about how i miss the smug tones of digby waking me up to tell me how wonderful the business world was and how bad the government was.
bless the people at 5live they managed to find someone who was jsut as smug for this morning's broadcast.
the national audit office has said that the government could have made more money with its asset protection scheme if it had set its fees higher. as with many of these stories on 5live they get an expert in to give his opinion. this one was a smug american from a financial services company. he said (and i agree with him) that the asset protection scheme wasn't about making money, it was about protecting the banks, it was about providing security and confidence and it was about making sure the system didn't collapse.
they talked about some other parts of the report and where the scheme had worked or failed (worked with mortgages, failed with small businesses, this was partly down to mixed messages from politicians: apparently).

they then asked about bonuses to which smug wanky american said "governments are local, banks are global." the constant threat of the banking system when faced with any government legislation that they don't like.

well smug wanky american you weren't very global when it came to your crashes were you - when it suited you to go cap in hand you all pleaded to be helped, bailed out, saved. back then you were all needy cases who crawled to their local governments crying out national interest "please help us, please save us". bunch of cocksucking wankers all of them.

here is another pithy axiom for you mr smug wanky american banker man: "who pays the piper calls the tune."
(sadly though cameron, osborne, clegg and cable won't hold to that and will just roll over and ask the bankers to tickle their tums.)

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