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Sunday, December 12, 2010


you have to admire the daily telegraph for their sense of priority.
in a story about how the con/dem coalition's plan to cut funding to the coastguard and rescue services (including selling off the search and rescue operation to a french-american consortium. what is it about the tories, that for all their talk about being one-nation tories, for all their wrapping themselves in the union flag they love selling off parts of the country to foreigners?)
so members of the coastguard are worried about the number of lives that may be put at risk by these moves,  arguing that the lives of sailors and holidaymakers at risk.
seems serious to me.
on the other hand the daily telegraph want us to know that these changes will not affect prince william, as his tour of duty will end before the changes take place.
good to know that he won't be troubled.
i feel safer already.

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