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Sunday, December 05, 2010


the joy of england thumping australia down under in the ashes has been somewhat dulled by the ongoing rumbling of the failed english world cup bid.

recriminations and accusations are thrown about. oh we are too arrogant, we were just expecting it to be given to us, it was our media wot lost it (see what i did there?). none of this really comes close to the real reason. even to the casual follower of sports politics it is obvious that sepp blatter and his pals have no love for the english and that pesky english premier league, and that meant there as much chance of them giving it to england as there was of the sainted bobby moore coming back to captain the national team.

(oh and no doubt there was a rouble or two going to the fifa members to make sure that they voted the right way.)

still done is done.

no use crying over spilt milk.

step forward boris johnson to demonstrate that he has a full understanding of how to be petty, and i have seen some experts in the art of petty (no names no pack drill),
boris has cancelled the offer of a free stay in the rather plush and exclusive dorchester hotel for fifa executives during the 2012 olympics.
now to a lot of people such an act of petty revenge is just a pointless act.
not i.

boris johnson: i salute you.

(not only are you slapping the beastly fifa in the face, but you are saving the money of the london taxpayer.)

now if only seb coe was to follow suit and tells sepp and co. that they have to buy their own olympic tickets then that would be perfect.

(these could be the reasons why i am not in charge of the country.)

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