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Thursday, December 09, 2010


google has released figures for its top searches of 2010.

so you can see who are 'fastest rising people' - which seems to be a list of people i have never heard of, well except alexander mcqueen (which is odd as when it comes to clothes i don't think it gets much better than peacocks). top divorces, again a bunch of people i haven't heard of, the ones i knew about i wasn't even sure they were married. top tickets, cheapest things, fastest rising lyrics (no surprises in realising that i have never heard of any of the songs).
then there is the overall most searched for. winners include facebook, bbc and youtube - which seem to indicate that as brands they are not as all encompassing as you would have thought.

then there are the i want/ who is/ i feel categories - which just leave me thinking that i am old and that the internet has passed me by.

but the real disappointment was that there was no listing for the top ten porn sites, well have to check to see if there are any i have missed.
yet even worse there is no listing for iampat. gutted. crestfallen.
off to have a cry.

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