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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


i have become a fan of sainsbury's basic line. cheap and cheerful. if like me you can't (won't) cook and what matters is more the quantity than the quality then the basic line hits the spot.
(so if you were wondering what to get me for christmas - you can skip jamie's thirty minute meals; in that time i have been to the shops, got back, zapped it in the microwave and eaten it.)


some of you may have seen various science fiction or conspiracy movies where something dangerous is buried in oil drums, only for the oil drum to split and the evil liquid is spilled into the water only for it to kill the locals or turn them into slavering zombies.

well i tell you what - next time they want to bury something and not have it escape they want to go get in touch with the peope who make the tins for sainsbury's basic baked beans. what a struggle i had trying to get that tin open. you wouldn't mind if what was inside was worth the effort, or it was some rare truffle that a bored businessman squanders a hundred thousand pounds on (think of the pizzas i could have delivered with that) but no just cheap and cheerful baked beans.
i suspect i would have had an easier time hacking into mastercard (ooh topical) than i did opening that sodding can of baked beans.

so sainsbury's when you give up on the basics line you can always turn your hand to manufacturer containers for hazardous waste.

(oh and the beans were ok, when i eventually got them out of the can.)

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