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Saturday, December 18, 2010


we have had snow.
when we have snow we have stories of snow chaos.
i always love it when people go "but we flew out of alaska, there was more snow there than there is here..." yes we know that. yes we don't cope well when the weather is extreme. the important part being that the weather is extreme - not normal, not just a lot, but extreme.
i am sure they cope with the snow better in canada, russia and switzerland and i am willing to be that sherpa's are better at climing hills than we are.

oddly this is the time the government should be doing their 'big society' spiel and practising the nudge. encourging people to take more responsibility for their driving and for their local communities.
meanwhile we can all point and laugh at those commericial concerns who just didn't heed the warnings of the weather man and got caught out - yes i am thinking of you ba. always good to see the private sector cope so well in a crisis - given how we are told they are so much better than the public sector.

right now i am going to wrap up warm.

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