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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


the debate over julian assange rumbles on.
on one side you have the daily mail's mad mel with her laughing policeman act where she is chuckling at the knots that the left is tying itself into over mr. assange. they love him because his site, wikileaks, is sticking it to the great enemy: the us of a. they hate him because he has allegedly assaulted two women, as mad mel is happy to point out, the feminists of the left see all men as potential rapists so they have to 'hate' assange.
on the other side you have john pilger who is a staunch defender of assange who is happy to proclaim his innocence. of course assange can't go to sweden as his life will be in danger he will be sent to america to spend life in a maximum security prison, if he is lucky. in the process of defending assange pilger came across as an arrogant pompous know it all twat.
he and mel are a perfect match.
in the middle there is rod liddle and suzanne moore who are both a little uneasy at the cult of personality that has grown up around assange, both of them see wilikeaks as being a good thing, but they can see that there is a possibility that assange might not be the saint that pilger claims he is and that until he clears his name in court there will always be questions.
at the moment it seems the only sense being spoken is in the middle ground.

during her piece suzanne moore described mr. assange as being like david icke with a hard drive. sweet. 

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