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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


david icke has spent years telling us that the world is under the control of the babylonian brotherhood, that many of the great and good of the world are in fact lizards, some of whom eat live babies.
he publishes books (still haven't got the last one), does tours (never been able to get a ticket), makes dvds (never watched one) and has a website (a favourite).
what does he get for all of this?
sneers, derision and even more sneers.

julian assange sets up a web site in order to act as a place for whistleblowers to publish the darker secrets of their companies, or governments. it might be argued that some of the more recent releases have little to do with dark secrets and more to do with the ineptitude of governments and people in places of power.
what does he get for this?
he gets accused of sexual assault and much effort has been putting into taking wikileaks off the internet.

we all know where david icke needs to go to find his next big conspiracy, it is being played out in the english courts.

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