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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


simon hughes - liberal democrat mp - voted against the tuition fee rises.
good for him, sticking to his promise.
now simon hughes is 'access to higher education tsar' (why do they always get called tsar?), his role? the coalition want him to explain its policies on higher and further education to to teenagers, especially to those from poorer backgrounds.
mr. hughes is keen to make sure that young students are aware of the opportunities of higher and further education presents them, and with the help of the students he wants to divise a publicity campaign to encourage people to go off university.
nick clegg, deputy prime minister and leader of the liberal party, sees mr. hughes as being idelly suited to being a champion of young people from deprived backgrounds.
i am sure he is.
i am sure he wants to do his best for them.
it just seems very odd that someone who voted against the policy is now going out to defend it. if his heart is in the defence of the policy then his vote against it was just him currying favour with the national union of students.
if his heart isn't in the defence of the policy then the coalition have just shot themselve in the foot, but hey we are getting use to them doing that.

perhaps the role is more about keeping your enemies closer, as i would hate to think they were buying mr. hughes off.

cynical? me? never.

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Hustar said...

lol! your so smart and the way you express your opinions is awesome.