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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


you always know when christmas has arrived. it is not by the cheap and tacky decorations that go up, nor perennial argument about the meaning of christmas or the disappearance of it, nor is it the arrival of tins and boxes of chocolates.
no you know when christmas is here when the shelves are bulging with comedy dvds and comedy books. who knew there were so many comedians out there who seem to be famous. i can't say if any of them are funny as i never watch them.
the comedy books seem to be that mix of annuals (funny text with funny pictures) or just funny text. a quick skim through most of them proves either that i have no sense of humour (very probable) or that writers of the books are not as funny as they think that are (very possible).
shock of shocks there i was looking at the new al murray 'pub landlord's great british pub quiz book' and blow me down but a quick skim through it and bugger me silly but i chuckled and i chortled.
must be the cold and old age getting to me.

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