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Friday, December 24, 2010


i remember years ago when the country shut down for christmas. when you had to brave the supermarket for the big shop of food that would carry you over a few days. a time when the turkey went from tasting fantastic to "oh no not again".
that was then.
now sainsbury's is proudly proclaiming it will be open boxing day.
things have changed.
well not quite. the christmas shop is still manic. it is still a ferocious battleground as people struggle to get that last minute essential or the crate of beer that they can't live without. i needed a loaf of bread and some milk. a simple shop.
when i first walked by sainsbury's it was jammed with people.
no worries i had things to do and i could return.
things done. i return to sainsbury's: still packed.
a version of trolley rollerball is taking place as people rush about getting essentials and beer, or amble about checking texts while getting essentials and beer. it a heaving madhouse. shelves have been stripped clean as if hoards of locust had descended on them where there had been a wall of chocolate boxes yesterday to there was just empty space. trolleys piled high, baskets rammed with goods. queues seemingly going on forever.
and for what?
one day when the shops are closed. just one day. (perhaps that is what shops need to do in order to boost sales, close on sundays and make people panic buy: "oh no the shop is closed for a day i had better buy enough to last for a week.")

still i did get to see the best ever shopping basket: two bottles of wine, a case of carlsberg (other beers are available) and a four pack of sainsbury's own cheap toiler paper. there was a man who knew what he wanted and needed.

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