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Friday, December 31, 2010


a couple of quick irks.

3d movies: you have to sit there with very annoying glasses on. they don't go well with my glasses. they perch precariously on your nose. then you spend most of the movie waiting for the 3d effect to kick in and make you go 'ooooh' or 'aaah' or even 'whoooah' as you duck out of the way of whatever is coming out of the screen. none of these things happen, you just spend your cinema time being annoyed at the glasses sliding off your face.
to make matters worse i have yet to see a 3d film that benefits from being in 3d, or wouldn't be as good if it were just in the regular 2d format.
to be honest most of the 3d films i have seen have been poor or have sucked. the notable exception to this was toy story 3 (but even that wasn't as good as people made it out to be, and it really didn't need 3d at all).

cyclists: i like that people cycle. it is good for the environment and it is good for their health. why oh why can't the majority of cyclists have lights on their bikes? why oh why can't the majority of cyclists wear bright clothes? why or why can't the majority of cyclists cycle in the road? oh i can tell you why they can't cycle in the road - they know that because they don't have lights and are generally dressed in dark drab clothes they are an accident waiting to happen, so to prevent themselves getting hurt by cars they become menaces to pedestrians on busy pavements.
(this is not helped in my local area as the bike has become the transport mode of choice for all the local drug dealers.)

irks for 2010 over.
have no fear there will be more in 2011.

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