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Friday, December 03, 2010


read an article about the internet the other day. it was on about a way some internet companies can track and use your web history for their advantage.
the unscrupulous bastards.
in the article they said that these companies were exploiting a bug in the browser software.

given that one of the biggest collectors and users of this information are porn sites, i am not that bothered after all they are justing to find out my internet use is pretty dull bbc, porn, porn, bing, more porn, porn again, daily mail some more porn, blog, back to porn, bit more porn and last bit of porn. see classy use of the internet.

the article goes on saying that browsers are aware of this issue. that safari and mozilla have dealt with it.
internet explorer has gone some way to dealing with it via its new 'inprivate' browsing. oddly 'inprivate' doesn't seem to be something you can set up as part of the standard running of internet explorer.
so they know there is a bug, and they provide a solution, but you have to remember to turn it on every time you open the browser to search. nice work microsoft.

it is not that i mind web companies having my browsing information - as i have said it is very dull reading (for them, great pictures for me), i just don't want them using that information and all i get back in return is a cleverly targeted ad.
yeah great.

however if apple want to send me an ipad that would be fine (the ipad is much better than the kindle: porn in black and white may as well be art) and that would be a great use of web companies looking at my browsing history.

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