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Monday, December 20, 2010


so vince has been caught in a daily telegraph sting. he has told undercover reporters that he could bring the government down if he pushed too far. he describes the coalition as being a situation of constant battle. he says that the coalition is moving too fast.
naturally vince has said he is deeply embarrassed by the revelations and that he has no plans of leaving the government.
i don't' think anyone is surprised that vince is upset, everyone constantly mentions that mr. cable never looks happy as part of the coalition. what, i suspect, most people would be surprised at is how stupid vince was in making his statements in the first place. it is not just that he got suckered by reporters posing as members of his constituency but he would be so brash as to make such claims to strangers, constituents or not. frankly you can't make those sort of claims without expecting someone to say something.
makes you question his judgement about so much else.
expect vince to be doing the two-foot shuffle sometime in the new year (after he has fox trotted on celebrity come dancing).


paul said...

What annoys me about this is that “quality” investigative Journalism is now turning into a version of Beadles about. Now that we have tiny microphones and cameras it seems that investigative Journalism seems to consist of following public figures around until they say something embarrassing. You wonder how many hours of worthless drivel has been recorded by the newspapers before someone slips up and says something worth publishing. It’s not as if we didn’t already know that the coalition wasn’t all sweetness and light.
We are heading towards a environment where no public figure will ever utter an unvetted sentence for fear that it will end up plastered all over the media who will then moan about the amount of PR and Spin without acknowledging their part in creating the need for it. George W bush was President of America for 8 years and must have given thousands of hours of public speaking but I bet the only bits that will keep being played are his mistakes. You wonder how well the giants of history would be remembered if their every public mistake was being played out endlessly on YouTube and lazy “satire” Shows.

pat said...

while i agree that 'tricking' people into saying something silly or stupid does seem to be replacing investigative journalism and that public figures can't be on message at all times.
it wasn't just that vince made a gaff such as 'i think david cameron is a smug git' 'or george osborne has smelly feet' he did seem to just go off on one with two strangers, saying things that would have been repeated just because of the 'oh my gosh' value of what he said.
given his reputation i would have thought vince would have known when to keep quiet.
in the end he just comes across as someone who is petty (which admittedly is something we both do very well).