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Monday, December 20, 2010


i have a capacity to be irked by lots of things: big and small.
irk seems to be my permanent state.
right now i am irked by my dvds. the thing that irks (well annoys) me is that the dvd menu. i just want to put my dvd in the dvd player and i want it to play straight away. i don't want to have to watch the film. i don't want to watch a piece telling me that downloading is stealing (i've bought the dvd), but i can see what they are trying to do with it, even it is stupid.
it is the menu that really gets my goat.
i don't want to wait for a flashy animation to finish before i start watching the film. i don't want to have to navigate my way around a screen in order just to see the movie. i just want the movie.
trying to watch spooks series two on dvd is a test of patience. each episode involves a trip around a menu system that is so annoying that you just want to punch the screen. by disc two they are even giving you clues as to how to get the darned thing started (you would have thought that they would have done it on the first dvd, though that would have been too east.
so what should have been a pleasure - watching a tv series i like, has become a chore.
wouldn't have this problem if i had downloaded it.

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paul said...

That Spooks DVD into is incredibly annoying. On later Series they changed it to a different one that was just as long winded and difficult to use.