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Sunday, January 30, 2011


just been reading that 3g has been hacked.
when i say 3g i am not talking about the phone company, but of course gorgeous george galloway. quite why the news of the world would hack george galloway's phone is anyone's guess - perhaps they were hoping for tommy sheridan like shenanigans; maybe they believed he was involved in some socialist plot to bring down the country; or they suspected that christopher hitchens was leaving hate mail on his phone or they just wanted to hear george purr like a cat one more time. we will never know.
george galloway is one of many who stand to make a pretty penny out of the fact that they have been hacked.
good for them i say. serves the news of the world right.
now is it wrong of me to hope that the eventual pay-outs leads to the news of the world being cancelled, is it wrong to hope for journalism that doesn't see salacious gossip about someone's sex life as being in the national interest?

ah well fingers crossed.

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