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Tuesday, January 04, 2011


i have just catalogued my cds and dvds. it is a very nerdy thing to have done. 
there have been a few surprises in what i own and what i don't own.
i have them all listed on a nice spreadsheet. one day i might even consider racking them all in some sort of order, at the moment my cds and dvds are just placed on shelves where there are space for them. only in certain circumstances are their pockets of order: all my bruce willis dvds are together, while all my frank zappa cds are together (only steven seagal, king crimson and tzadik/john zorn are treated similarly). 
before i get around to that i might have to list all my books - or maybe i would be better off reading them? 

(talking of books - i would just like to register my disappointed at the moleskine company. after my recent 'aren't they wonderful' piece i still haven't received a care package from the company. i tell you product placement just doesn't work. 
and while on the subject of books - there is another of those write a novel in a month type competitions. i am going to give it a go. fifty thousand words of mindless drivel from me - well it is one way to spend january.) 

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