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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


it appears that members of the greater london authority have decided to gan up on boris. they have decided to question him about delivering on his promises (such as sorting out labour relations on the tube).
i think they are being rather harsh with the dear boy.
after all he has given us the boris bikes.
more importantly he is bringing back the routemaster bus. well that is not strictly true what he did was have a competition to design a new version of the routemaster and promised to get some of them onto the streets of london 2012. i miss the old routemaster bus - there was something magical about it (and apparently an engineering marvel when it came to maintaining the bus fleet), but as much as i miss them all i really want is a transport system that works. when i am on the 15 or 135 double decker bus i am not thinking to myself - oh if only this was a routemaster, mostly i am thinking about how long i waited for the darn thing to turn up or just how bad the driver is (this escalates when the driver does that thing they do to get back on schedule: wait at a stop for ages for no reason - of course the fact the rest of us have places to get to is neither here nor there to the driver).

so what if boris hasn't done much other than be boris - he has given us bikes and a bus. isn't that enough? 

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