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Friday, January 14, 2011


i had to go to a meeting today. not far. just up the road. ten minutes by shank's pony.

really simple.
except that as i closed my front door the rain started.
as i walked down the road the rain kept going.
as i turned on to the main road the rain got heavier.
as i went up the main road it kept falling.
as i reached the zebra crossing the hail came down.
as i crossed the road the hail got harder.
as i turned the final corner there was thunder.
as i approached the building there was lightning.
as i opened the door the rain stopped.
thank you. thank you so fucking much for that.
i got to my meeting looking like a drowned wookie and smelling like one as well as slowly i steamed dry in the ‘we don’t know how to turn down the thermostat’ central heating of the office.

still look in the brightside – don’t need to wash my hair tonight.

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