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Sunday, January 16, 2011


so there i was in the saatchi gallery enjoying the art in the current exhibition: newspeak - british art now (jolly fine it is too). the gallery is fantastic, spacious, well laid out and plenty of art to see.
i wander through the first gallery. i chin stroke as i look at the art. what did the artist mean in this painting? i wander through the second gallery. i ponder the work and contemplate quie what the intentions of the artist were. into the third gallery and considerations of form and context battle with style and content as i gaze at the art.
a voice.
"excuse me sir." the large, well dressed, security guard says as he walks towards me.
i think: what have i done wrong. can't be the camera as unlike many of the bigger galleries saatchi is happy for people to take photos. can't be the bag i am carrying (although some of the well turned out security guards there do sometimes get a bit sniffy about bags), have i knocked something over? is my zip undone? have i leched too obviously at some of the ladies?
"excuse me sir, but where did you get the t-shirt from?" now i can't blame him for asking. i was wearing a graphitti designs superman t-shirt, featuring the man of steel by wayne boring. a classic.
at least he only asked where i got it from rather than could he have it.

we got chatting. turns out he is a dc fan and he had the very large and lovely '75 years of dc comics' by taschen books (i am not jealous, not at all, not one little bit. honest). he also has an idea for his own superman t-shirt (and i have to agree with him it would be a cracker, but then i am a sucker for neal adams artwork).

all i could do was point him in the right direction to try to find the shirt.
turns out it is still available.
now i just have to remember to mention it to him - if i go back there anytime soon.

glasses, t-shirts i am becoming a style icon.
move over gok wan there is a new fashion guru in town.

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