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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


george osborne told it like it is. today he gave us the skinny. the real deal, the full sp.
yup the economy is in a bad way because of... well.. snow.
snow, it is the fault of the snow. i reckon so, jimmy.
snow? mr. osborne, more like snow job.

meanwhile over at the bank of england their govenor has said that pay restraint should be the order of the day. if people should think that their wages should increase to combat rising inflation then they are wrong, that would be a bad thing for people to do. to expect more money would damage the fragile recovery.
so remember that while you are struggling to make ends meet as everything around you increases in price that the belt tightening you do is for the good of the economy. as you know we are all in this together.
why i am even expecting the govenor himself to show the way as mervyn king comes out and says: "hey look at me i am feeling your pain, i have taken a pay cut and i have encouraged all my pals in the financial sector to do just the same as well." not likely to happen because we all know that keeping wages down and belt tightening only apply to those who are at the bottom end of the wage scale.

so with the words of messrs osborne and king in my ear i have bent over, grabbed my ankles, applied the lube beccause frankly scarlet we are all about to get right royally fucked.

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