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Monday, January 24, 2011


we have entered a new era.
the era of waaiit: 'we are all in it together'. it is perfect for the times. the con/dems are quick to tell us that we are all in it together and that we will have to waaiit until the national deficit is dealt with before we can return to the good times.
it even works when it comes to the differences between the haves and the haves not.
while the deficit is being seen to by cutting public spending left right and centre the poor and the not so well off will have to waaiit until things get better, meanwhile having to cope with less money in their pocket, fewer employment opportunities and harder times ahead. during this period of struggling to make ends meet they will hear the constant refrain of waaiit.
meanwhile the rich don't have to waaiit at all - their salaries will continue to rise, their opportunities will continue to be there (no offshoring or relocating to a developing economy for these people). they are safe from the hardships of waaiit. they don't have to worry about schools, hospitals or public transport.
so at least we all know where we stand when we are told we are all in it together.
the rich will get richer and they won't be waaiiting for the rest of us the catch up, meanwhile we will be told that the good times are coming we just have to waaiit because we are all in it together.
personally i am beginning to think that waaiit is wank.

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