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Tuesday, January 04, 2011


i have a theory.
have you noticed how being the leader of the governent prematurely ages you? look at how blair and brown looked haggarded when they were in power. look at how obama has lost some of his youthful swagger. crikey knows what it woud have done to michael foot if he had ever been elected prime minister.

i think david cameron has played a blinder in this department.
it is not only that he has someone else to shoulder the blam... sorry the responsibility with. his partner in the endeavour, nick clegg, is for all intents and purposes a cameron clone. they look alike, they have the same sorts of backgrounds, they like each other.
it is a political marriage made in heaven.

again this isn't where cameron has played his trump card.

he has taken a leaf out of mr. fry's book and consulted oscar wilde. let's just say that nick clegg is the canvas, and it all becomes plain. clegg is the one who is suffering stresses and strains, clegg is the one that has become a hate figure.
meanwhile cameron sails on looking hale and hearty (albeit it a little too airbrushed).

have to hand it to him, cameron has hit on the perfect method of making sure the shit doesn't stick to him.

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