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Saturday, January 01, 2011


with david cameron's big society it isn't about being told what to do it is about being encouraged what to do.
so it is good to give to charity - so why not have cash point ask if you want to donate some money to a good cause? why not have the local till jockey at your supermarket of choice ask if you want you change to go to something worthwhile? (given that those who are in a position to be able to give are soon going to be working longer hours in order to give, they are not going to be able to give time to the big society so a few pennies and pounds here and there will make them feel better).
or why not do as sir stephen bubb (a name that will make fans of marvel comics' character smile - oh alright it made me smile): tax bankers' bonuses and use the proceeds for charity works. nice, simple and elegant - those that can afford more, paying towards all those good deeds that will be so important for the big society.
of course it will never happen because, heaven forfend, we do not want to upset the bankers and those high fliers in the financial markets - hell it isn't like they got us into this mess... oh sorry they did.

so how about a compromise? why not publish the names and addresses of all those who receive very large bonuses so the charities can approach them directly, so that they can 'nudge' them and get them to stump up some of their easily gained cash?
i am sure the masters of the universe woun't mind a call or 10 from their local charities asking for a donation.

just a thought.

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