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Saturday, January 08, 2011


i wanted to get a copy of the times today. i had seen an advert saying that the saturday edition of the times was going to have a gilbert and george poster in it. 
i like gilbert and george. 
my cold meant that i barely moved from my shit pit and so missed out on the times. 
still that the times were carrying something by gilbert and george meant only one thing: they have a new show coming up. 
there is a piece about them on the evening standard's website that confirms the forthcoming show, but also reminds me why i should never know anything about my heroes. i bow to no man in my bromance of bruce willis, but i know nothing about him for me bruce is what is up on the screen. the same can be said of all those i like in books, comics, music and movies. it seems that whenever i learn anything of my heroes they turn out to be a bit rubbish. 
so imagine my shock when i read that gilbert and george like david cameron.
i could understand tracey emin saying she was a tory, but g&g? 
i can only hope that billy bragg was right when he sang: "gilbert and george are taking the piss aren't they?"

another hero bites the dust. 

(don't worry gilbert and george i'll still go to the exhibition at the white cube, even if i don't get an invite to the opening night private view and even if you are tories.) 

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