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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


it used to be said that the only things that were certain in life were death and taxes.
in the era of celebrity the internet means that it is certain that the daily mail will have a story about something that makes you fat (and when you take into acount all the reasons the mail has given the answer is: life itself) and that katie price will be in the news and it will be something to do with an ex or a soon to be ex.

of course this new list of certainties wouldn't be complete if you didn't add: microsoft issuing a critical warning over a flaw in its windows software or its internet browser.
so thank you microsoft for once again issuing a warning, creating a patch and claiming to look for a permanent fix.

here is an idea, and it is just a thought, why the fuck don't you test this shit before you release it? just do your jobs right in the first place and you wouldn't have to issue these warnings that make you look like total wankers.
keep this up and soon the daily mail will be telling us that using internet explorer makes us fat, while the windows o/s is the reason why katie price keeps changing men as she is looking to wrap her software around some new hardware. oooh missus.

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