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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


not sure what it is at the moment - the world is in turmoil and so are my guts.
while the bbc and all other sensible news media are concentrating on the troubles in egypt and jordan, hinting at north korea's undeclared nuclear reactor (why does it matter if you know that it is undeclared? surely you just sit at the negotiating table and sing: 'liar liar pants on fire' while pointing at kim jong-il). meanwhile back home the con/dems have revealed their 'is your street dangerous' website, it is a continuation of an idea from the previous labour government. the site hasn't been working, they have said that it is because so many people have tried to log on to it, i reckon someone has pinched the servers. theresa may, the home secretary, has said that this new website will allow the public to hold the police accountable, which seems odd on two counts (which might make it even) firstly the tories are always keen to get rid of targets - so how do we hold them accountable? do i just say pc plod hasn't arrived within the period i believe he should have done; that wpc plod hasn't solved the crime as fast as my expectations? secondly of all the public services the police are an extension of the state - so we should be looking to hold politicians to account rather than the police.

anyway i am rambling, partly as there is so much that i could have been talking about but really all that is on my mind is my guts as they rock and roll - letting loose with trumpet blasts that would knock down the walls of jericho and leave a lingering fragrance that would not be out of place in a dodgy dossier on weapons of mass destruction.

mmm thinking i might just be about to kiss cotton.
gotta go.
gotta dash. 

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