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Sunday, February 06, 2011


listening to nick herbert, the policing minister, all i have gathered from him is that he can't guarantee numbers of the police. he does say that it isn't about the numbers but the efficiency of the police: this is about bobbies on the beat.
the usual we are cutting down the amount of paperwork that the coppers do is rolled out (am i the only one who thinks that if a copper stops someone then they should complete paperwork on that stop so that we know what and why they are doing it - and if we, the public, are to hold them to account then we need to know what they are doing).

poor old nick herbert was hammered in an interview with stephen nolan. herbert was keen to say that while he, and the government, have no control over where the police spend their budgets. but he was confident that any cuts that have to be made would impact on the back room staff only.
when asked how many front line police were necessary mr. herbert couldn't say, nor could he say that he had done an assessment on how many police might be lost. no answer.
howeer mr. herbert did manage to trot out the usual "deficit, have to cut, save money, government can't write blank cheques" mantra. so he while he left the listeners with the distinct impression he has no idea what he is talking about; he did manage to get his propaganda point in - so cameron will love him.

with nick as an example you have to wonder just how bad the rest of the con/dem front bench is?

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