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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


i like chocolate. it is one of the reasons why i am fat (another reason is my love of doughnuts, oh and another would be my love of cream cakes).

the joy of the king-size twix is hard to describe.

like everything the price of choc is going up or maybe not if you believe the manufacturers.

cadbury’s (now owned by kraft) have said that they have had to take action because of a ‘number of economic factors including ingredient costs.’ the action they have taken is to reduce the size of the choc they are offering. toblerone has shed a triangle; the dairy milk bar will be shy of two chunks while a bag of maltesers has had fewer in it.

kraft have said that without such measures they would have had to put the price up, in fact by such size reductions they say they ‘have been able to hold the bar at this price’ and that even at a reduced size their chocolate is still an affordable treat.

hold on there chaps - but surely if we are getting less for the same price, we are actually faced with a price hike by another name.

expect a new confectionary bar from kraft – it will leave a bitter taste in the mouth and it will be called ‘semantics’.

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