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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


there i was out getting some food.
it was early evening. the supermarket not that full. people roaming the aisles forlornly looking for something to excite the taste buds.
as i wandered to the cake section (i have a sweet tooth and a craving for cream cakes - so sue me) when i overheard two young ladies talking. their baskets quite full.

"i haven't even started my christmas shopping!"
her mate agreed that she also needed to start her christmas shop.

i confess to being flabbergasted.and nearly took to a fit of giggles.
here we are still in the middle of november and people are worried about their christmas shop.
just how much do you planning on buying that you need the best part of six weeks to do it in? just how long does the list take to write out of the gifts and supplies you are getting?
war campaigns have been planned and won in less time.

yes i know that there are people out there who are smugly sitting there telling everyone that they finished their christmas shopping back in september, but we all know that they are lying. there are a few who have probably started on next year's christmas shop.

i suspect by now the two ladies are well into their christmas shop and they are fully aware of how many more days they have.

me i might start to panic come christmas eve. 

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