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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


divided government. katty kay describes how many americans will divide their vote between a democrat president and a republican house of representatives (and vice versa), the theory being that there will be co-operation between the parties.
nice in theory, didn't seem to work for obama in his first term.
if obama gets a second term he will have to face a house of representatives - so another tough term.

though it has been argued that if romney gets in he will have to deal with those who are part of the tea party as they don't trust him.

bbc have
o  143
r  153
(the others are pretty much the same now)

flagging now.

can't help but notice that the brits for the bbc are wearing poppies.
the yanks are not.

florida 81% of the precincts have called - less just over 600 votes separate obama from romney, so it is quite possible that it'll be some time before the result is declared.

it does point to just counting the votes and then declaring the results. cack handed way of doing it.

more on the fact that the country is divided between moderates/liberals and the right wing. whatever happens in the election that isn't going to change, the tea party may be the winners.

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