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Sunday, November 04, 2012


when it comes to christmas i am pretty much a grinch. 
i don’t like the increasing commercialization, and incredibly it gets more commercial every year as more and more companies come to rely on this period of the year to make their profit.
add to this the forced sense of bonhomie fuelled mostly by booze and a collective insanity to ‘paaaaarty’.
even though supermarkets stay open longer over the christmas period now – there is still a collective urge to fill shopping trolleys to bursting point and beyond with enough food to feed a small army. on christmas eve the shelves of supermarkets will be picked clean as if a plague of locust had swept through.
then there is the extended party period allowing people to overindulge in booze so much so they leave large puddles of puke on the pavement for the rest of us to navigate around.
christmas has become an extended period of conspicuous consumption.
it has been estimated that the average christmas spend in 2012 will be £592,
i will be doing my bit to keep that average down – by spending very little over the christmas period. i will not be buying into the crass consumerism; i shall be ignoring the festive spending spree.
i’d ask you all to join me – but the country needs you to spend and christmas has been perfectly designed to part you from your money.

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