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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


obama 3
mitt 24

everyone is waiting on ohio - if obama wins that then they say he has done it.

the bbc's emily matlis seems to be working on a super-large ipad.
the new guests for david dimbleby are all blokes and not interesting to look at.

oops south carolina just called so now
obama 3
mitt 33

they have just showed one of the 'attack' ads that obama campaign used against romney - it was a bloke talking about how romney closed down a plant and that lead to his wife dying from cancer. he says that romney doesn't realise what he does to people. surely that is just an attack on capitalism and quite what does that mean for obama and his foreign policy?

mmm kelli goff is pretty tasty. she talks 10 to the dozen.

they mention that the attack ads make up about 90% of all the campaign ads.
this, it is argued, is because it reflects the change of politics being more about moral values than the purely economic and social questions. now americans are more divergent and polarised than before.

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