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Thursday, November 08, 2012


it appears there can be no denying that jimmy savile was a kiddie fiddler on an industrial scale, and that makes him an extraordinary cunt.

you would have thought that other people who become involved in this sorry saga would do their best not to enter the same cunt territory, alas no there are oodles and boodles of people who seem to want to be douchebags of the highest order.

you have the various organs of the media who have decided that the savile story isn’t about child abuse it is about attacking the bbc. the victims sidelined, almost forgotten. where the media could be doing useful and informative, albeit very depressing, pieces about child abuse they just choose to sensationalise and trivialise while taking pots shots at the bbc. of course it isn’t as they don’t have an agenda, after all with the bbc shrunk or gone then the daily mail and news international could be raking it in.

as the sun newspaper begins to imply that savile was also a serial killer, like his ‘friend’ peter sutcliffe, they have taken to calling him ‘the bbc paedophile’ not the ‘dj paedo’, not the ‘leeds paedo’ or the ‘marathon molester’ the ‘bbc paedophile’, all in order to damage the bbc.

the editors and the powers that be are just scraping the barrel n order to generate sales and to score points against the bbc.  remember that these are news organs who are arguing for press freedom in order to be able to investigate what is in the public interest – yet all of them seemingly happy to sit on this story.

it is why they are cunts.

the second group of cunts are the endless parade of people who come forward he knew that jimmy was a wrong ‘un. that what he did shocked and disgusted them – but somehow they couldn’t say anything back then, but now they have found their voices.
hey better late than never.
well, no not really.
though i have to clarify that statement: the people who annoy me are the ones who claim that couldn’t say anything back then, wheel off an excuse or two (he was protected by his charity work, for instance, or he was incredibly well connected because of his on screen fame). to be honest it is a little hard to take from several of these people as they all seem to have had high powered jobs and salaries from working in the media back then and are still working in the media now. ample time and opportunity to speak out, they didn’t. their silence condemning many more to abuse.
still now the story has broken they have found their voice. they were shocked, disgusted and dismayed back then, and they are still shocked, disgusted and dismayed now the only difference is now they are getting themselves some good media time.
the latest self seeking self serving minor celebrity to come forward to express his revulsion at savile, and the bbc, is michael cole. mr. cole worked for the bbc at a time when savile at his peak. mr. cole describes a night a bbc club that was like ‘sodom and gomorrah’ with vulnerable teens awestruck all easy prey for stars such as savile (and one other dead ‘nation’s favourite dj – no outcry over that press smear). mr. cole goes onto say that the bbc should be “utterly ashamed” of what went on. i guess for mr. cole it was just another story to tell his other media buddies while they had dinner parties: “oh shock horror you remember what savile got up to?” it might have been better if michael cole had acted on his revulsion back then.
perhaps mr. cole would be better off hanging his head and feeling ‘utterly ashamed’.

then you have guy marsden, a nephew of jimmy savile, who nobly says he doesn’t want any of savile’s money and that it should be used for ‘genuine victims’ and that it should fund some ‘anti-paedophile unit’. all very worthy. as he said “i am ashamed of him and we now know he was a monster”
 we now know he was a monster.
except by mr. marsden’s own admission he’s known that savile was a monster for quite awhile now, as part of his ‘i don’t want the filthy’ money interview he also mentioned how as a teenager he went to several parties that savile attended where celebrities took advantage of young children.
it is nice of mr. marsden to come clean about that now – after all it adds to the evidence against savile, and that is a good thing. it would have been so much better if mr. marsden had piped up much much sooner.

i can’t help wonder just how many of savile’s (and of other ‘creepy celebrities to use michael cole’s words) would not have had to suffer if these two pillars of the community had come forth then, rather than try to big themselves up now about it.
quite a few i would wager.

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