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Saturday, November 03, 2012


about this time every year i realise i haven't bought a poppy.
i have no problems with buying a poppy. i don't see it as glorifying war. i don't see it as support for imperialist adventures. i see it as a reminder that war costs lives and shouldn't be entered into lightly and if this reminder helps those who are suffering the ill effects of serving in the armed forces - all the better.
this means i just need a bog standard every day poppy.

shouldn't be hard.

my local sainsbury's has a big poster outside it reminding people that the british legion poppy appeal has started. nowhere in my local sainsbury's can i actually get a poppy.
none of my local shops have been selling the poppy.
not seen anyone standing outside the tube station selling them.
someone has mentioned checking out the library.

still it seems if worst comes to worst i may just have to go to canary wharf in order to get my poppy - it is a bit of a trek but it means i can get to take some photos of the area, it is a bit of an adventure and it means i can check out the story about the young ladies who are supposed to be selling the poppies in very tight hot pants and fishnets.
when asked the british legion said there was no dress code for selling the poppy.

so canary wharf here i come (all in the name of research ... of course).

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