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Monday, November 19, 2012


agatha christie's the mousetrap has been playing in the west end longer than i have been drinking fizzy pop and coffee.
it turned 60 years old this week, and added just another day and show to its ever increasing record of being the longest-running show.

i have never seen it.
i have never read an agatha christie novel, i have seen films based on her books.

the mousetrap is one of those london things you keep meaning to do, but end up saying 'maybe next week/month/year.'

to celebrate the 25,000th performancce there was a special cast production of famous names - while i can see the marketing and news angle to that, i can also see how it would have pissed of all the regular cast members who soldier on night after night after night in what must be the most thankless task on stage - you just know you are not going to get reviewed or mentioned until there is a landmark like this and what happens? a bunch of famous tv types get all the glory.

don't put your daughter on the stage mrs. worthington!

another reason i have never rushed to see 'the mousetrap' was because i knew the ending (the secret of the show's longevity is supposed to be that the audience, never reveals the culprit), however i thought i knew who had done the whodunit.
i was discussing this with a pal and not only did he tell me i had gotten the suspect wrong he then went on to tell me who had done it.

so the butler never did it.

well happy birthday 'the mousetrap' and maybe this year i will go to see it (as an added bonus ticket prices for the show will have a surcharge on them in order to help fund theatre for the disadvantaged and a large chunk of royalties will also be given over to the charity. so go see a piece of theatrical history and do good at the same time).

even better i haven't told you who did it.

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