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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


a tea party bloke has said that the usa would go the way of the soviet union if the usa goes bankrupt.
i have a bridge to sell him.

to his credit richard bacon wasn't too keen on the analogy used either.

that is one of the things that is very odd about american politics - it just seems to be a bit mental. it can also be full of what is now being called 'post truth' politics.

one of the people who was being interviewed who pointed out that the diverse and sometimes extreme messages spewed out by talk radio and such like doesn't really make that much difference because those who support the republicans are going to be listening/ reading the half truths that their media peddle and the democrats will be indulging in the semi truths of their media.

british scriptwriter is on the radio and has made a terrible joke. i hope his scripts are better. he has rolled out the mitt dissed the uk over the olympics. funny how mitt was castigated for basically saying what everyone in the media had been saying. (not to mention to that mitt didn't actually say that we couldn't do the olympics).
the scriptwriter pointed out that american media can be much more partisan and that it is much sexier than it is in the uk. he seemed to be saying this was a good thing. how wrong he is.

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