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Thursday, December 06, 2012


spam was never a favourite food of mine. i think i was put off any meat that came in a can that had a key the day i was given tinned ham and it was covered in gelatinous gloop. yuck city.

i don't really like spam emails they clog up my system. it is not like i am ever going to accept the wonderful and various offers from winning untold amounts for any injuries i may have suffered or false insurance i have been sold. nor do i trust someone who sends me unsolicited mail to operate on my genitalia to make me hung like a horse. even though the russian girls who have sent me email introductions have been rather cute i have managed to resist temptation (though i may have kept their photos - well it would be rude not to).

recently my blog has been spammed.
lots and lots of comments that make almost no sense at all, as if they had been written by monkeys on their way to creating shakespeare.
worst still the vast majority of them are for ugg boots.
i don't like ugg boots. i am never going to wear a pair. they don't make women attractive - all wearers of ugg boots look like they have come off the set of planet of the apes.

so no more ugg boots please.
thigh length pvc boots yes.
knee length leather stiletto boots yes.
ugg boots no.

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