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Saturday, December 08, 2012


some things you just can’t deny: i am a comic geek, or more to the point i am a comic frother.  i get excited about comics. comics are fun. they have been the backbone of my reading habit.

along the way my love of comics sparked a love of toys and merchandise.
this is the curse of collectormania.

naturally enough i want some comic style goodies to populate my advent calendar. like all, well most, kids growing up i used to pretend that i was a superhero (i also wanted to be captain kirk, but that is, as they say, another story).

dress up is what i am talking about, well sort of. i am not talking about the full on tron guy style of dress just shows why men of my sort of size should avoid lycra at all costs. 

this would not be a good look for me

no i am talking about the sort of dress up that comes with having an accessory or two.
a few years back a new line in comic book related merchandise was released, high grade replica’s of superhero weapons. among the releases were captain america’s shield (yes please) and thor’s hammer (oh yes!), both were limited editions and both were expensive. i didn’t get either. in the world of cheap wishes it is time to correct that by adding both to my advent list.

thor’s hammer would have come in useful during the duller of the manager’s meetings i had to attend (that would have been most of them), it would have proved useful to *ahem* hammer home a point, or just to call the meeting to an end. while captain america’s shield would have been a blessing at retailer events providing protection against the mass of retailers trying to grab a goodie bag, or two (the scoundrels).
i would have wielded the hammer and shield justly.
(because i am a bit of a geek i have also added in thor’s helmet and the original, not used for long, captain america’s shield. 

the two shields of captain america, the modern one is better for throwing -i'll need to practice that.

what every hammer wielding pat would wear to work.

excelsior! pat assembled.

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